Hello from Redbrickstock

Mother and her children in the Kanabea Rural Hospital PNG – © Dave Tacon

A quick hello to let you all know we’re now blogging!

Stay tuned for new submissions – we upload new images to our galleries daily so we’ll share some of the highlights from time to time.

As many of you know, we’re very fussy about who we take on so we’ll also let you know when we’ve signed a new contributor … like award winning photojournalist Dave Tacon for example! Check out his shots of the remote Kamea people in Papua New Guinea. Dave doesn’t just stand back with a long lens – he’s right in amongst it and his passion for storytelling and his empathy for his subjects come together through strong compositions and his skilful use of available light.

With so much photography being so heavily post-produced these days it’s refreshing to see someone shooting in that classic raw editorial magazine style … enjoy, and stay tuned.

Stefan Jannides


2 thoughts on “Hello from Redbrickstock

  1. Great shots by Dave, Stefan. Yes great use of light, portraying an amazing culture so different to ours yet so close.

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