Rights Managed or Royalty Free?

When it comes to finding stock images these days there’s certainly no shortage of libraries and in many cases we’re spoilt for choice. In fact many would say there’s a glut of images and it can be incredibly time consuming sifting through them before hopefully finding what you’re after.

Then when you do find something, there’s the Royalty Free (RF) versus Rights Managed (RM) debate … well, some like to debate it but we believe it’s pretty clear cut really, horses for courses. There is still room for both RF and RM as clients have different needs and requirements which is why we offer both license models throughout our categories.

We sometimes have clients come to us insistent on only purchasing Royalty Free. No problem there with us. However they sometimes miss out on some great images because they’re culling all the RM’s from their searches.

RM’s don’t necessarily have to be more expensive either. Often there are only one or two uses for the image and for a limited period so you’re only paying for the media usage required. Websites get updated every two or three years, brochures and advertisements work better when refreshed regularly and when you weigh up the added benefits that come with a Rights Managed image then it often makes good sense.

Here’s a simple chart for an easy comparison between the two license models:

These last three points on the list are the most important advantages of Rights Managed licensing and can sometimes save a lot of money and embarrassment. If you want to know if your competitors are using the same image, we can tell you.

All our RM images come with a degree of exclusivity, that is; we won’t license the same image to the same industry for the same usage and media in the same territory for the duration of your license – we also give you the first option to re-license on expiry. If you require further exclusivity, we can offer an additional four levels right up to total worldwide exclusive rights across all media.

It’s good to know you have options in business.


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