Behind the scenes with Frank Petsch

Rock climbing on Mt Tibrogargan by Frank Petsch

Rock climbing on Mt Tibrogargan by Frank Petsch

This week we go behind the scenes with Redbrickstock contributing photographer Frank Petsch – although usually found shooting fashion in some exotic location, he is also a very experienced rock climber and you could just as well find him hanging off the side of a cliff face. Being the true pro that he is, he’ll also probably have three cameras dangling off him, one of them a medium format Hassleblad with a 22MP capture back!

As you can imagine there is a lot of preparation that goes into a shot like this. Frank and his team first set up the climb for the ‘recce’ to work out exactly where he is going to position himself before bringing the model into shot. This involves climbing all the way to the top of the cliff to attach the ascend rope then lowering himself back to the shooting position to attach additional support ropes which stop him spinning while suspended in mid air. Once all ropes are secured he then descends to the ground to swap his normal climbing rig for his camera rig and ascends back to his shooting position ready for the model.

Besides the normal degree of difficultly that is experienced in a climb like this you can imagine how much more difficult it becomes when also juggling three expensive pro cameras and having to be very careful to not wipe the Blad out on the cliff while you’re at it!



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