Redbrickstock Photographer Profile – Andrew Shield

This month we are profiling long-term Redbrickstock contributor and surf photographer extroadinair Andrew Shield.

Andrew has been a full time professional surf photographer for the past 16 years. After working on and off in the film and television industry for a number of years, he took an extended surfing holiday in Indonesia and showed the photos from that trip to the editors at Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine. The encouragement he received from them led him to shoot more and more surf both at home on the Gold Coast and on occasional trips to places like Bali and Fiji.

These days Andrew’s assignments frequently take him to many places around Australia and the world including Hawaii, Micronesia, Taiwan and Indonesia shooting for a number of surf magazine titles and following the world surfing pro circuit.

Andrew is always pushing the boundaries with his work – whether it’s finding that unique viewpoint as in his over-under fishing shots or shooting surfers from under the waves and we feel very privileged to have him on board.


“Given that each area of his brain seems to be equally dominant, Andrew Shield is the rarest of humans. He shoots with the accuracy of a KGB marksman, the blinding creative intensity of an expressionist, and the work ethic of a coal miner. As a result, he is one of the most consistently brilliant surf photographers in the world.” – Jimmy O’Keefe, WorldProSurfers



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