Redbrickstock Photographer Profile – Dave Tacon

Shanghai based photojournalist and Redbrickstock contributor Dave Tacon has been documenting stories of interest for the world’s leading media outlets for over 10 years now. Dave says that he is driven by his love for travel along with his curiosity about the world, and desire to give a voice to those who would otherwise have none.

Dave has covered assignments such as the confronting post-war scenes of Sierra Leone, the tribal culture of the Kamea people in the remote mountains of Papua New Guinea, the undocumented migrants departing from the west coast of Africa in hope of finding a better life, the spiritual significance of indigenous Australian communities and as featured below the contrast of streetscapes and portraits across Asia.

Dave’s work has been highly awarded and is held in permanent collections including The National Portrait Gallery of Australia and the The National Library of Australia.

travel; travel photography; asia; asian; culture; cultural;


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